Is There Any Connection Between Good Football Predictions And The Sixth Sense?

Football predictions can be eerily accurate. Is it good statistical analysis or is there something paranormal at work? The question has got me thinking. What if the mythical ‘third eye’ actually exists? What if the supernatural is helping millions make….well….. millions?

If you are new to football predictions, hear this. Some websites sell game predictions to pro-gamblers. You are probably laughing and thinking FRAUD! FRAUD! SCAM!

Do not be too quick to judge.

Some of this sites have built a reputation among gamblers. One such site is I dare you to visit. They have changed many a cynic.

Football predictions cost top dollar. Their accuracy, however, makes the buy seem like an investment.

Many people have suspected that a match-fixing syndicate runs the whole operation. NOT ME! I think that is an outlandish suspicion. ( Yeah, the guy who believes in the sixth sense thinks that it is OUTLANDISH!)
I have three reasons why I have never bought into this school of thought:

i. Match fixing is a far-reaching offense. A lot of resources are poured into investigating and curbing the offense. It is practically impossible for such a syndicate to run sites unhindered.
Is There Any Connection Between Good Football Predictions And The Sixth Sense?
ii. Fixed matches have tell-tale signs of selling out.

iii. Prediction sites, like, give predictions for practically all the games on the globe. Does this mean that all the matches in the world are fixed?

Given all these facts, isn’t the sixth sense the least far-fetched suspicion?

Like many other cynics, I used to peg accurate football predictions on statistical evaluations. I have, however, noted a trend that made me re-think my position.
At times, sites give some improbable mathematically improbable predictions. Even the most casual of statisticians, like myself, knows enough to see the errors in this predictions.
What baffles me is that time after time, the predictions come to pass. Obviously, mathematics is not their only source of predictions. What else do you think informs the predictions?